Kinky Soul's Reading Night  #16 

Kinky Soul Reading Night is an open stage that provides an inclusive space for kinky self-expression through literature and performance. Share your deepest desires, fantasies, and experiences of the body and mind with a supportive and loving live audience. Performers are invited to share their original works, personal favorite kinky poems, and short texts. Performances can take various forms, from reading, spoken word to sing-songwriting or monologues. Each performer is allotted 3-7 minutes on stage, ensuring an engaging and dynamic evening.

Our event welcomes performers and audience members of all backgrounds, genders, and identities. We aim to create an inclusive environment that welcomes individuals from all sex-positive communities to celebrate kinky text and self expirations.

Date & Time: 29th of March 20:00

Location : Fabriktheater,  Lehrter Str. 35, 10557

Dress code:  Casual

Contribution: Little10€/ Master.ess15€ / Sugar 20€